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Daytona 500 tickets thanks to

      This past weekend I was talking to my wife about going to the Daytona 500.  Unfortunately at this time, with the economy and all, we decided that we wouldn't be able to afford to go to the event and had pretty much settled on watching the race on T.V..  I only live about an hour and a half from Daytona and can practically hear them racing from our home so I was a little bummed out, but hey, we are used to watching the 'big game", on T.V.

      Monday night at work, while surfin the net, yeah, I was really busy as you can tell, I ran accross something that caught my eye.  I happened to be reading someones blog and they were talking about how to get tickets for all sorts of events for free.  I thought yeah right, here we go again.  Just what I needed one more thing that is too good to be true.  I went ahead and clicked on the link , and read what they had to say.  O.k. I was thinking, now I know this is too good to be true, and followed another link from there to

        The way that it all works is, you become a blogger for eventchaser, and they supply you with the tickets for the event that you want to go to.  O.K. I can do that. I thought at which point I went ahead and posted this blog, which was read by the staff for the companies involved, they approved it and told me to go to
., and pick out the tickets that I wanted for the race.  I almost had to pinch myself and thought I was being scammed.  This makes no sense to me and I went ahead and emailed them my request for tickets.  This all took place on 2/9/09, and I really didn't expect anything else to happen.  Today 2/12/09 I got a knock at my door.  I answered the door and it was Fedex, the lady handed me an envelope.  I opened it up, and to my surprise it had two tickets for the Daytona 500.  The tickets that they sent to me were not nose bleed seats and they weren't the cheap seats either. They got me tickets sitting in the Campbell box , section J row 7.  I couldn't believe it.

      The way that it works is they provide you, the fan, with tickets to major sporting events, concerts, plays, whatever you can think of.  You go to the event and then post a blog about the event on their website.  I will be doing this in return for the Daytona 500 tickets.  I will be posting pictures of the event, as well as driving directions, what's hot, where to eat, sleep, have fun, etc,..  They definately came through for me, and I look forward to doing more pieces for them in the future as well.  Let's face it, today most of the tickets worth having go to coorporate big wigs, and you and I, "Joe sportsfan", don't get an opportunity to buy a half way decent ticket.

       If you wan't to read my blog, it can be located on  I should have it up and going by Monday evening.  I hope that some of the information that I provide about the event will be useful to you in the future, should you have the opportunity to go to the Daytona 500.  My thanks go out to for supplying me the tickets, and making all this happen.  You may even want to contact them to see if they can help you out the next time you need tickets for the big game.  All you have to do is ask.  Talk to you all after the race,    Dantheg8r.



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Why America loves college football.

I decided to start this blog to describe why I think America loves college football, perhaps more than any other sport.  I am fully aware that the problems with the BCS are numerous, and that it definately isn't the perfect answer to deciding a national champion, but it is light years ahead of where we were in the early 90's.  We love college ball primarily because of the pagentry and pomp that is college ball.  I believe that we love seeing 18 and 19 year old kids playing ball for the love of the game.  Let's face it, how many people make it into professional athletics?  That doesn't mean that good football cannot be found at the ameteur level.  I love it, and I know that America does as well.  Tell me which of us out there hasn't had their hearts broken by "our" team.  Every fall, when leafs are changing colors, we turn on the T.V. every Saturday afternoon and bask in the glory that is college football.  Here in the south, that is the only way that most of us know it's fall.  College ball is so much more exciting than the N.F.L..  I think it is our love affair with universities that we attended, or perhaps family and friends attended.  It is something that we can get behind and root for.  These guys are out there playing for the love of the game.  They play for the school, and the conference.  How much fun is it to trash talk with your friends that pull for other teams, when your team rips them a new one.  I think it is a piece of Americana.  The way that we come up with the national championship game isn't fair, we all know that and that is one of the reasons that it is perhaps hotter than ever.  You have to admit, it keeps EVERYONE talking about it.  From week 8 of the season when the first BCS poll comes out.  If our team isn't ranked #1 or #2, then it should be.  There is no definitive answer.  It can't be quantified, and reasoned out.  Don't you love computer polls?  We just know deep down that we are getting screwed if WE aren't playing for the N.C.. Hey lets face it, the old bowl system was no better.  We like to talk about playoffs, but before just saying, well it would work and here's how.  Let me say one thing, money.  If there were an 8 or 16 team playoff, and your team was forced to go on the road in week one of two of the "Playoffs", how much money would it cost your small college to travel in the playoff system, to try and make it to the championship game?  The logistics of it would be astronomical.  Your school could make the playoffs, and loose money by going, if it had to do the traveling to the higher seeds home field.  In my opinion, what would probably make the most logical sense, is keep the bowl games that are already in place.  Then use the BCS games as the playoffs.  There are 4 BCS bowl games.  Play those games, they still crown the Rose Bowl Champ, etc,...  the winner of those games then go onto the next round.  You are then down to 4 teams left.  Play them on a neutral field the way that NCAA basketball is done.  That way, you take home field advantage pretty much out of it.  Winner of those two games move on the Final, another neutral site, and poof !!!! you have your national champ.  It works in my mind any way, and hey, this is my blog, so I can think it's the best way.  Bottom line is this, college football inspires us, it makes us laugh and cry, and we talk about it all year long.  Sounds like a winning system to me.  I love college ball, and may it never go away.

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